And how the future of Gruinard Island was saved by an unlikely bioterrorism plot

a view over gruinard bay from the mainland toward gruinard island

Less than a mile offshore, high in the Scottish Highlands, lies Gruinard Island (pronounced “grin-yard”). This unprepossessing slab of rock and heather, barely more than a mile long and half a mile wide, was once one of the most notorious and deadly sites in the U.K.

The history of Gruinard Island

The earliest reference to…

The full explanation of why activists stole anthrax-laced soil from Gruinard Island and delivered it to Porton Down

the view looking out to sea towards gruinard island, scotland

On 10 October 1981, the Glasgow Herald ran a short article on the front page: “Anthrax island mystery.” The Herald said it had received a communication from a group claiming to have removed a quantity of soil from Gruinard Island. …

Kate Aaron

Bestselling gay romance author. Queer history buff. Dragon tamer. She/her 🏳️‍🌈

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